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  • Thanks to the online solution for your CV, individual CV variants for each request will be superfluous and replaced by smart search and filter functions in the WebCV.
  • Firmly integrated in the WebCV is your daily updated availability indicator, which should minimize constant queries. Beyond the always current ad, there will be an availability alert, which will actively inform interested parties about your imminent availability.
GravityCV automatisches CV-Design
GravityCV Sicherer CV-Versand
  • The design and arrangement of each element, combined with the interactive features, provide the best overview of your capabilities and performance.
  • Your skills are at the heart of your WebCV. They stand out through the colored tags and are linked to the corresponding references and projects.
  • If you wish, your rate card will also make your hourly, daily or yearly rates visible immediately.
  • A CV lives from its topicality. With GravityCV, updates are optimally integrated into existing data without the need for formatting adjustments, such as page breaks, etc.
  • Updates to the CV take effect across all WebCVs, including those already sent. This keeps interested parties and  customers up to date.
  • GravityCV offers the possibility to quickly and easily anonymise entire areas.
GravityCV CV Verwaltung

Optimal first impression & Professional appearance thanks to good CV design

In interviews and workshops with intermediaries and clients, an overarching problem quickly became clear: Whether craftsmen or managers, an elaborated structure and appealing design of a CV is important but unfortunately rare!

There is a lack of flexible possibilities in common programs, good templates and the ability to adapt them to your own data without destroying the design by slipping page breaks, column widths or line spacing, etc.

With the help of  (UX-) Designers, intermediaries, companies and freelancers a meaningful, but clear CV design was created, which automatically adapts to the entered data. In addition, numerous interactive functions make your CV smarter than any PDF!

WebCV GravityCV CV Template

As a freelancer I want to enter as much information in my CV as I want, without the worry that it gets confusing.

Masiar Ighani, CEO skillbyte GmbH & Founder of GravityCV

More about the genesis & our motivation behind the development of GravityCV reports CEO and chief developer Masiar Ighani << hier >>.

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