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Your SkillUps show what's in you!

With the Skill Ups you not only show all your trainings away from projects, but also an insight into your personal interests. Often, as a freelancer, you spend a lot of time engaging new skills. Show your customers and agents your entire range of services and your passion for your profession. There is more than only your completed projects! 

With Skill Ups there is space in your CV to show your passed workshops, online courses, podcasts, books and blogs.

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Skills Knowledge Worker GravityCV

Especially for knowledge workers!

As knowledge worker you sell your knowledge to your customers, but your knowledge covers more than just your completed projects! You generate it from various channels, such as tutorials, courses, articles, books, conferences, events and of course in your projects. With GravityCV you increase your output to the customer and allow a deeper insight into your abilities.

How do SkillUps work?

To get to the SkillUps, click on “Skillfeed” in the menu bar and then on “Skill Ups”. In the now appearing window you can add a Skill Up in the upper left corner.

In the title, you should look for as succinct a description as possible of your further education, which concentrates on the learned skill. You should refrain from using the book you have read or the podcast you heard as a title. This should be given in addition to the description, as potential buyers and agents are primarily interested in what your knowledge empowers you and only secondarily, where you got it from.

The description gives you the space to describe your personal training and to go into all the necessary details regarding the content, duration and source of education. Here you should try to show your prospective customers that your passion for your area of expertise goes beyond your professional activity and how the content contributes to your professional skills.

Below the description, you have the opportunity to provide various brief facts about your training: In addition to the duration in days, weeks or months can also place a link here.

Under “Learned by” you are currently the
5 options to choose from:

Online course

Finally, with the skills you can list in keywords what skills you have acquired through your private further education. Here is less! Be sure to list a few of the concise skills taught in your course, book, or podcast.

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