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  • To show you all the possibilities of GravityCV, we now take you on a guided tour.

GravityCV Version 4.0


  • In order not to drown in the skill swamp, you now have the opportunity to present your skills in structured categories. Even with a drag and drop sorting function, we help you present your currently relevant skills now more present.
  • You want to provide different versions of your CV for your customers? One customer is more interested in your Java skills, the other in your DevOps skills? Now create keywords for projects and SkillUps and select the desired keywords in the WebCV settings. Finally you have a WebCV optimized for the customer!

GravityCV Version 3.2


  • You need an update for your creative freedom? Now you are able to customize the theme color for your WebCV! Let your WebCV shine in your corporate identity!
  • As addition to the new theme color, you can also brand your WebCV with your logo now. Place it on top or in sidebar of your WebCV and link it to your personal website! What a gift!

GravityCV Version 3.1


  • After a hard piece of development work, finally the Word-Download of your CV is possible! Include the Word Download feature in your private or public CV. Your customer can download their CV completely or individually filtered. Also in the backend you can download your CV.
  • As you speak more than just technical jargon, add your different languages ​​to your user profile.
  • Minor url changes e.g. on Sample CV and bug fixes.
  • In the anonymization area of ​​your CV links, you can now also add a contact form to your WebCV. Messages about your form will be sent directly to the User Account holder via e-mail.
  • In the backend you will find a preview of your WebCV from the first login. To make it clearer that you have published this preview or that it is only visible to you, we have colored the warning now in red!

GravityCV Version 3.0


  • GravityCV becomes international! Choose between English and German in the backend.
    You want to know what to expect? Naturally! We have now included a sample CV in your preview, so you’ll see that it’s worth it!
  • Your availability has changed? Let it all know automatically and let new orders come to you automatically.
    We’ve even pulled the security walls even higher.
  • Also your SkillUps can grow fast, there is also a search here now.
  • You have set all the settings for a private link perfectly? Then just duplicate it and get in the time won a Grande Cold Brew Flavored Cappuccino.
  • Your skills shine now also visually and functionally in the WebCV! With one click on a skill, you can find out all the details, get to the corresponding projects and references.
  • Even users of Internet Explorer can now enjoy their WebCVs to the fullest.
  • For more extensive searches, we have expanded the project search. Use different search terms separated by commas.
  • Your WebCV has been reduced to relevant entries by the project search? Now this filtered selection is also available as a PDF download.

GravityCV Version 2.1


Version 2.1 has it all and pops like a meteoric swarm full of features in the tool:

  • For the very impatient among us, we have a preview of the WebCV installed. From here you can spin anytime in your later WebCV without having to create a CV-Link. Just click on the eye in the sidebar. This preview is only visible to you.
  • Your WebCV is now available in 2 link variants: In addition to the private, PIN protected links, there is now the possibility to set up a public link to your WebCVs.
  • With your experience, your project list will continue to grow. To quickly find one of your projects in the backend, there is the project search. So far it has not been possible to search for used skills within projects, but here we go!
  • So that your CV recipients recognize immediately what is in them, your skills in the WebCV are now also linked to the corresponding projects. With a click on the little book icon for a skill, you get an overview of the projects in which your skills could already shine!
  • We dare to do a lot, but traveling to the past is not (yet) possible for us. Therefore, we have now set a minimum shelf life of 24 hours for your CV links. The creation of a durability of the CV link with an already past date is therefore no longer possible.
  • We meant it well and integrated a menu button specifically for mobile users that fades in and out of the Sidebar in the tool … Unfortunately, in the desktop version it developed an unruly life of its own, but we tamed it with carrot and stick. 
  • In the backend you now have the possibility to create a reference request and save it for a later date without sending it directly. So that you keep the optimal overview, they are recognizable by the status “draft” instead of “sent”. 
  • We want to give your great, awesome and overwhelming projects more space and added the link field to the project form. Now you have the possibility to add a link to your project (eg website, shop, catalog etc.) to the project description.

GravityCV Version 2.0.2


  • We know that you can do a lot and therefore have a lot of skills. So that you do not lose track of all your skills, all skills that you have not yet assigned to a project or SkillUp are now highlighted in gray and can also be removed with one click.
  • In the unlikely event that you wanted to delete all registered skills at a SkillUp again, it could cause problems. Now all problems are solved!

GravityCV Version 2.0


  • When entering skills, it was possible to create the same skill multiple times. For a better overview of the skills, this bug was quickly fixed. If you still have duplicate skills, contact us and we’ll take care of it!
  • A PDF version of your WebCV is a handy feature that we wanted to make available to you as soon as possible (see v.1.1.). Some optimizations of the design were employed behind. Now we have implemented some improvements of the distances and splitting of projects over pages, so that the text size does not change any more or large white distances appear, as well as general style optimizations.

GravityCV Version 1.2.1


  • In a view under 700px width, our menu went away. With a bugfix of the menu view on mobile devices navigation is now also possible on the go.
  • When downloading the PDF version of the WebCV the file extension is missing. Only a small problem. GravityCV now has a small problem less.
  • New skills, quasi skills that were created within this login session, were not yet available under the references. From now on, you should be able to have your new skills verified immediately.
  • When creating a contact, a direct creation of companies is now possible, which should again save a step.

GravityCV Version 1.2


  • Long e-mail addresses and domains have been shortened in the WebCV so far, which neither our Alphas nor we considered the optimal presentation. The WebCV sidebar has now received a style fix and now displays long addresses completely.
  • Thanks to our great alpha tester, we were able to fix an unnoticed bug in profile image upload on Windows machines.

GravityCV Version 1.1


If you wish, you can now also make your WebCV available as a PDF download.

GravityCV Version 1.0 - The Big Bang


  • Over six years, the idea of an intelligent CV management tool Masiar, chief developer of GravityCV accompanied. Good things take a while, they say, but eventually you should come to Potte … So let’s go. The two meanwhile existing base versions of this tool, we have scoured in the team, turned upside down, discussed, expanded and minimized. Another 6 months later, the first practical test with version 1.0 of our CV tool GravityCV starts with selected, voluntary alpha pioneers.
  • The process to a generated CV, including references query, skill and of course project directory, CV link creation including PIN protection and adjustable durability have already been implemented.
  • Version 1.0 has already been commissioned by full-time ethical hacker with a security assessment, set up a firewall and an intrusion detection system (IDS).

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