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GravityCV Einfach Referenzen integrieren

GravityCV increases your seriousness & authenticity







  • Send a reference request to your customers through GravityCV to confirm your references .
  • Let entire projects and / or individual skills be verified.
GravityCV automatisches CV-Design
GravityCV Sicherer CV-Versand
  • For many reference requests, the overview in the tool always keeps track of confirmations that have already been received.
  • Save completed requests for future delivery as a draft.
  • Your references are an important part as they confirm your qualification, so they should be integrated into your CV.
  • Intuitively displaying a “Thumb Up” in the CV marks a confirmed skill and displays the entire reference with a click.
GravityCV CV Verwaltung

The best advertising are satisfied customers!

The best study doesn’t help if you haven’t any completed projects and more importantly happy and satisfied customers! But even satisfied customers don’t like to be called by your interested parties several times a month!

By having your references verified by your customers, we want to relieve your former customers and immediately present your qualifications to your interested parties and make you even more competitive! Win-win for everyone involved.

GravityCV Referenzen im CV

I want to maintain my references centrally and uniquely and do not constantly endeavor my former customers!

Masiar Ighani, CEO skillbyte GmbH & Founder of GravityCV

More about the genesis & our motivation behind the development of GravityCV reports CEO and chief developer Masiar Ighani << here >>.

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