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… this is our goal! You miss features that would make your life easier with CV management? Feel free to tell us your wishes and ideas!

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Public CV

Create a public version from your CV at the push of a button and use it like a personal landing page. Take advantage to maintain your personal CV in only one place. You won’t need an additional website anymore.

Private CV & PIN protection

You are not comfortable with the idea to permanently publish your data for everyone on the Internet? Then simply create any number of private links for your contacts from your master data. Private links are PIN protected and can be provided with an expiration date if desired. You can also anonymize individual areas per each private link.


For both your public and private CV links, GravityCV gives you the ability to anonymize entire sections of your CV. In the public CV neither your hourly rates nor your personal address should be displayed? No problem. Hide the area completely with just one click and use it only in private CV links.
You decide!

Theme Color & Logo

You have a corporate identity and would like to show it in your CV? Then change the color of your WebCV and add your logo. Of course, both the color and the logo will be included in your PDF and Word download.

Download PDF & Word

Despite the unbeatable arguments for a cloud-based CV management system and the sinking of the application folder, CVs in Word or PDF format are still needed. GravityCV offers you the possibility to save your CV locally in Word and PDF format. Double care and formatting spasm are spared you! Furthermore, you can also offer a Word & PDF download in your public and private CV links for your interested parties!


As your experience grows, so does your CV and can become confusing for new customers. With GravityCV you offer your interested parties the opportunity to search for relevant skills and projects in your CV. Once a search has been performed, the recipient can also decide when downloading the PDF or Word file: full version or just the filtered one?

Your availability at first glance

In order to avoid daily inquiries regarding your availability and not to let gaps in your order situation arise, your availability is visible in your CV. Even more: If you want, GravityCV will send notifications to your interested parties if your availability changes.

Rate Card

GravityCV answers questions about your hourly / daily or yearly rate at a glance in your CV if you wish. This will save you any questions and negotiations. All information is of course optional. The Rate Card allows you to easily specify your different prices for remote work, on-site work or nationwide prices.


In order not to have to bother your former customers, request a reference for your skills or projects once. Your customer simply confirms your achievements, skills and optionally writes a personal text. Everything automated at the touch of a button!

Contact Form

It’s not enough to enter your contact email address in your WebCV? You can also show a contact form in your WebCV and make it easier for your interested parties to contact you. Currently you will receive these contact requests by e-mail to your account e-mail address.

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