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Often freelancers have the first contact with potential clients by phone or e-mail. Your CV is like a digital business card and should therefore be as well structured as possible. But how do you actually write a CV? What should you pay attention to in any case and what mistakes must be avoided? These questions clarifies our contribution to you today.


To estimate the correct scope of your CV, try to put yourself in the customer’s view. He wants to know as much as possible about your projects, but not more than necessary. A CV of one or two pages, which in precise words represents all relevant content, is therefore a good orientation.

You may find that you do not get along with one or two pages in your CV if you name all the projects. Therefore, for a “rigid” CV, such as Word or PDF files, you should write an individual letter for each client, naming the skills and experience needed for the specific project. With GravityCV, you can save this effort with the intelligent software solution, as potential customers in your CV can search for relevant projects and skills, and you do not lose yourself in file chaos.


Each text document is composed of two aspects. On the one hand from the content and on the other hand from the optical design. Choose a neutral font, font color, and an objective style of writing that focuses the customer’s focus on the content. Paragraphs and bullets serve to loosen up and make your CV clearer. Through an attractive visual design and a clear structure, you can guide the reader through your CV and enable him to get a quick overview of your projects and competences.

A good linguistic design can help to put your CV in a nutshell and to give the reader a positive feeling. Nouns help to avoid long strings of words and keep your CV short, without having to forego content.


Within 6 seconds, the decision as to whether your CV is worth a closer look is the result of current research. The structure of your CV is therefore of particular importance. We recommend a reverse chronological structure, because the customer recognizes your recent projects and acquired skills at a glance. In particular, your last and important for the new job projects you should therefore describe in detail. Earlier projects, though particularly successful, should not be presented in too much detail. After all, you want to move forward in your career, rather than stick to old projects.

With GravityCV you do not have to worry about a professional design and the optimal structure of your CV. By entering your data, your CV Management Tool generates a well thought out CV at the touch of a button.

Know your quality

With your work, you enable your client to implement new ideas and achieve success. Be aware of this achievement and be particularly successful projects in your CV with corresponding numbers.

e.g. Development of a regional app for speed camera messages with 100,000 downloads

Also, be sure to describe your projects in a way that highlights both the responsibility you take and your contribution to the business. A detailed description increases the customer’s interest in you, so your chances of getting a job increase significantly.


Now that you know the basic structure of the CV, we dedicate ourselves to the relevant content.

  • Contact Information:  In addition to your name and address, this includes a phone number and a professional email address.
  • Summary:  Here you should in a few words on the point, for which project you apply and what special skills you bring with it.
  • Education:  In addition to your school / university education, this also includes other training and acquired competencies.
  • Projects:  Name all projects in reverse chronological order. Make sure that each description clearly identifies what tasks you performed and what achievements you achieved.
  • Qualifications:  What professional qualifications can you show? Which training did you complete in addition to your school / university education? Here you should name those qualifications that are relevant to the desired position.
  • Skills:  What are the competencies that make you stand out in particular and set you apart from the competition? Also, be sure to name job-specific skills that are of interest to your potential client.
  • Achievements:  Special occupational and non-occupational achievements enhance your CV.
  • Interests:Your (non-professional) interests allow your client to get an idea of ​​you and your personality. Be sure to name only interests that will positively enhance your personality and make you interesting to the customer.
  • References:Your references allow the potential customer to learn more about your way of working and your particular competences. For example, you can ask former customers for a confirmation or assessment of your work performance.


The simplest and safest option in terms of error and completeness is a regular update. Once you have tackled or completed a new project, you can complete it in your CV. You also do not forget about further education and other acquired skills, new interests or goals if you supplement them directly. The reference to your references should always be up to date. With an up-to-date CV, you have the opportunity to apply for interesting projects in a timely manner.


Especially as a freelancer, recommendations and references of former clients are crucial. This can confirm the success of the projects you have indicated and strengthen the confidence of potential clients in their own abilities.

Speak to customers with whom you have long-standing, good relationships or who have worked so far for your projects and ask them if they would recommend you.

Since this request would take some time, GravityCV’s References feature gives you the ability to send reference requests to your contacts directly from your CV management tool and automatically apply verified references to your CV.

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