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From problem to solution,
the emergence of GravityCV

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The genesis of GravityCV

The CV is the business card of every IT freelancer and inevitably every IT freelancer has to deal with the subject of CV management. But not only freelancers, but also companies whose employees are employed in various customer projects, must maintain the CVs of their employees and colleagues.

This is the case, for example, so the creation of GravityCV is a project in its own right. My name is Masiar Ighani, I am a freelance software developer and managing director of skillbyte GmbH.

GravityCV wie schreibt man ein cv

The everyday life of a freelancer: CV Management

Everyday problems with CV management start with structural questions about my potential CV:
Where do I care for my CV? Do I take a Word Template?
Will I create my own template? Is the structure correct?

In addition, other questions come to mind:
How do I sort the content? Chronologically or in reverse chronological order?
How much text is necessary and useful per project?
I create several versions of my CV for specific projects, because it is e.g. My CoreMedia skills are more important than my DevOps skills?
How do I determine who I sent something to?

And what if, in addition to my own CV, the management of the CVs of my employees is added, because my employees do their daily work on customer projects and customers want to gain an impression of the qualifications of my employees?

Of course, I can collect all of these CVs in the Dropbox or create multiple accounts on any online resume tools, but management is made more difficult than simple. Again and again, the same problems arise: The profiles are out of date, I am looking for different access data to manage the profiles of my employees, the CVs are not visually processed, as I needed them.

This process is for us everyday and more than corrosive.

Loss of productivity through project mediation

In addition to the problem of management comes the problem with availability, hourly rates, sending the CVs, etc. – with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, it will not be easier.

Every day I receive calls, mails and WhatsApp messages from agents and recruiters – now even from England and India. An estimated 10-20 times a day I receive messages via one of these communication channels. And every time the same questions:

Are you available? When will you be available? Can you still send me your current CV?
Can you give me your daily rate? Can you accept a project in any city?
Do you know someone who would be suitable for this position?

To make matters worse, a few of these requests have not even directly do anything with my current skills. An example from everyday life:

I get a call from an intermediary asking if I would be available for a project. The requested skills are ABAP programming. Errr? Did you read my CV correctly? Yes, at that time as a working student I programmed ABAP. However, I am now 47 years old and graduated at the age of 23. The problem here is not this one call, but the many calls that spread throughout the day and not only rob me of time, but also reduce my productivity by being permanently pulled out of my everyday projects.

Another example:

  1. Broker A asks for references
  2. I call my customers if I may call them a reference for my new project
  3. Broker B asks for references. I would prefer to say: ask agent A. But you can not, because agent A and agent B are not green.
  4. I call my customers: Uh, sorry Hans (name changed :-)), can I try again?
  5. Broker A and broker B call the customer in one day
  6. My customer is annoyed.

I feel much better after writing down my everyday management issues around CVs and the day-to-day project placement, but my problems are not solved yet! Who is it? Write us your feedback below (Hans, please do not!)

Smart CV Management - a project in its own right

At some point I said to myself: It does not work that way! In the search for suitable CV management tools, I did not find anything. There are tools that support the pure writing of a CV online, countless Word templates of course, as well as special tools for recruiter. But not for an individual developer (whether permanent or freelancer) or small teams.

And so for many years and the increased anger over the situation, a project developed in its own right: GravityCV

GravityCV CV richtig strukturieren

Our requirements

  1. Recording of basic data (contact data, social media, self-presentation)
  2. Inclusion of hourly, daily rate or annual salary
  3. Adding My Project History – At best, like a Project Diary, to which I can add and capture achievements, milestones, and skills in any amount at the beginning, end, or during an ongoing project, so none of it is lost
  4. At the touch of a button, render a visually appealing and well-structured CV
  5. Sending a (password protected) link to my CV with an optional expiration date to intermediaries, customers or potential employers – my CV with my detailed project history should be visible only as long as and for the people I want it for
  6. Anonymizing certain information of my CV: I individually determine which information of my CV is displayed for whom (for example, I do not want everyone to be able to see my clients’ names or my daily rate)
  7. Filter and search option for the recipient of my CV: As a recipient, I can limit myself to experience of the technologies and skills that are important to me
  8. Central and unique maintenance of references to projects and skills: I can invite references by e-mail to confirm my project experiences and skills and my customers are not annoyed with annoying calls.
  9. Team function, so that as a manager or HR manager I can also take care of the CVs of my employees
  10. Nice to have: Market statistics – What demands does the job market place on my job? Which frameworks and tools are very much in demand and should I as Java Developer urgently look at Spring Boot or rather Angular, because that is what 60% of the current job advertisements on the net demand?
  11. To crown the end of my CV management: My Online CV shows the broker, customer or potential employer immediately my next possible availability! AND: Send a notification if requested, as long as my availability changes or I am back in the near future. (à la Hollywood Principle – Do not call us, we’ll call you!)


So I want a tool – especially from the IT domain – for the management and distribution of CVs, which reduces my work and saves time. GravityCV is this tool that we develop for self-protection and self-benefit alone.

On average, 10 agents contact me per day, each agent costs me an average of 3 minutes plus the time to swap my brain mass, say roughly one minute more. That is 4 minutes x 10 mediators = 40 minutes a day and on average certainly around 800 minutes a month, which in turn makes 9600 minutes or better 160 hours a year. If I calculate this with my hourly rate ……… I WANT THIS TOOL.

And we believe that it’s not just us. That’s why we want to share our compassionate freelancers with GravityCV. Not only that, we need you to become great!

We appreciate your suggestions and ideas, your everyday CV management issues and your feedback. Together we make this tool great!

Full feature power

Public, anonymous or protected

After you have entered your data you fall at the touch of a button between a permanent public link, a link with expiration date or anonymize whole areas of your CVs.

References, availability, hourly rate

GravityCV is designed to keep queries to a minimum, allowing you to specify your references, availability and hourly or daily rates.

Privacy and transparency

We take the protection of your personal information very seriously, so we leave you in control of who your data will be sent to and how long third parties will have access to that information.

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