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  • The GDPR brings the right to deletion for entrepreneurs and intermediaries, a new problem in receiving and storing CVs. Frequently, CV documents are spread over several e-mail profiles, computers and servers. All this data has to be carefully selected and deleted individually. By sending a CV-Link you keep the control. Learn more >>
  • We do our best for the protection of your data! More about our privacy measures can be found hier >>.
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  • When generating your private CV links, you create a link with a set validity for a particular contact.
  • In addition to the set durability of your link, each link receives its own 4-digit PIN specifically for a contact.
  • Anonymize entire areas of your data, such as your hourly rates or private contact options quickly and easily per link.
  • In addition to all possibilities to make your data temporarily available only to special contacts, GravityCV also offers a public CV link, usable as a business website or as a link in email signature. On request, of course, with anonymized areas.
  • You do not want to miss your current documents? Offer your CV as PDF and Word download in your WebCV or just download it for yourself in your WebCV settings.
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Sending CV as fast and comfortable as never before!

GravityCV is not only about creating your Online CV fast & simple, we also want to accelerate CV deliveries, but at the same time make it safer and smarter! You do not need to switch to your e-mail program to send the CV link, you can send it from your CV tool with just a few clicks.

At the same time you can decide: Private or public link? Automatically expire the private CV Link on a specific day? All data visible or hide some areas with personal data? PIN protection and much more …

With all the CVs you send, you no longer lose track of who received it and when! In your CV tool you get all sent links and drafts clearly listed, including PIN and expiration date and the ability to extend the CV retrospectively and edit!

GravityCV CV-Link Versand CV Management

I want to send my CV to recipients with one click and not have to search my file's file system level for the current CV in the correct version.

Masiar Ighani, CEO skillbyte GmbH & Founder of GravityCV

More about the genesis & our motivation behind the development of GravityCV reports CEO and founder Masiar Ighani << here >>.

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