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GravityCV includes all the steps of CV management in one place


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  • Predefined fields help you to focus on the necessary information and not to ignore important information in your project history.
  • From your data, GravityCV automatically generates a clear CV in a professional design with interactive functions.
GravityCV automatisches CV-Design
GravityCV Sicherer CV-Versand
  • With GravityCV, you retain control of your data through time-limited, PIN-protected and personalized CV links instead of sending your CV documents the classic way.
  • Create private CV links for special contacts or a public CV link, e.g. for integration in your e-mail signature and anonymize entire areas on request.
  • If desired, also offer your CV as a PDF or Word download.
  • Keep track of all your CVs sent and their individual durability.
  • Updates to your data are immediately visible in all CV links already sent. So your CV stays up to date!
GravityCV CV Verwaltung

Central place to take care of your projects & skills

In order to achieve the goal of a central place for CV administration, the cloud-based tool solution “GravityCV” grew. Our CV tool allows you to manage your data from anywhere, at any time, without having to rely on specific programs and program versions, and without e-mail programs.

From data entry, through automatic creation of your project history and delivery of your CV, you manage everything in one tool. Even more, GravityCV provides you with an overview of all the CV links you have sent, with information on who and when it was sent, and how long the link is still active.

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I'm annoyed by searching for my current CV on my file system. I want to organize my whole CV in one central place and send it quickly to my customers.

Masiar Ighani, CEO skillbyte GmbH & Founder of GravityCV

More about the synthesis & our motivation behind the development of GravityCV reports CEO and Founder Masiar Ighani << here >>.

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