Sucess Story: FB Pro GmbH

Less effort thanks to centralized, secure management of CVs: the IT experts at FB Pro Gmbh benefit from this – thanks to GravityCV .

About the customer

FB Pro GmbH provides its customers with information security, data protection and compliance at the highest level. To this end, the team of around ten relies on measures and tools that enable fully automated system hardening, for example. In addition, the IT consultants from Bingen am Rhein manage complex IT infrastructures for their customers.

The initial situation

The IT experts at FB Pro GmbH work for numerous clients in Germany. For successful contracting, it is important that the individuals have up-to-date CVs. The effort required for the constant maintenance and management of CVs should be reduced.

In addition, it was important for the information security and data protection specialists that GravityCV processes all data securely and in accordance with the GDPR.

The solution

FB Pro GmbH is now using GravityCV. This way, the consultants can manage their CVs centrally in one tool, update them and send them to prospects. Thanks to the fast Word and PDF export, it is possible to output a CV in different formats.

The implementation

The effort for the FB Pro GmbH employees was very low. They only had to enter their resume information, which was available as Word and Excel files, into GravityCV.

GravityCV has been committed to compliance with the GDPR from the very beginning. Therefore, there was no extra effort for the high data protection requirements.

The results

By centralizing the CVs, the handling of CVs became much easier for the employees of FB Pro GmbH. They can now email all relevant information to customers with just a few clicks and also make it temporarily publicly visible as web profiles.

“We are very happy to have found a professional provider for the complete management of our consultant CVs in GravityCV,” said Florian Bröder, Managing Director of FB Pro GmbH. A blog entry about FB Pro’s experiences with GravityCV can be found here.

About GravityCV

Behind GravityCV is skillbyte GmbH. The software development company solved the problem of managing the resumes of its employees with its own tool. This gave rise to GravityCV, which skillbyte is successively developing further.

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