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Create your professionell CV now. Maintain your personal data, projects and skills in one central place. Send a link to your WebCV with individual durability and PIN protection quickly and easily. Download your WebCV as Word or PDF file.

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The inquiry for your CV in Word format you know for sure. Just make your WebCV available as a Word download.

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With GravityCV, you can quickly create your project history as an online CV.

Simply enter projects & skills and
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Provide your WebCV as PDF Download for your customers and interested parties.

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No formatting fight anymore!

GravityCV spares you from shredded Word formatting when updating your project history. Listings, paragraphs and uniform fonts and font sizes are generated automatically, guaranteeing you, in addition to the WebCV, your profile as a perfect PDF and Word file at your fingertips.

CV variants at the push of a button

Create a base CV and use the filter functions within your WebCV to create different variants of your freelancer profile. Simply enter search / filter terms, such as certain skills and download a filtered PDF or Word file.

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& further Educations


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Frequently Asked Questions

A CV, correctly Curriculum Vitae, is another name for a CV. The designation CV has established itself particularly with freelancers, freelancers and self-employed for the own project history. Potential clients and intermediaries request a CV from a freelancer and expect a clear list of contact details, skills, projects and references. But salaried employees also maintain such a project history, depending on the industry.

We hear that all too often. From our own years of experience, we know the importance of a professional freelance profile. Think of your Xing, Linkedin profile and your website as your online business card. These channels are the first contact. Your CV has a different value among customers and intermediaries, enjoys more confidence in accuracy and timeliness. Imagine your CV as your “corporate brochure” that you finally convince. Continue reading …

Your CV is on the one hand in the backend as PDF and Word file for download. On the other hand, you can also activate the PDF and Word download in WebCV for your customers and interested parties. Both files are automatically generated from your data, without any effort!

Absolutely! GravityCV is just for freelancers, freelancers and self-employed. All those who want to maintain a project history or a CV not only easier and faster, but also make high demands on a CV tool. GravityCV offers you a simple creation of a CV with professional design at the touch of a button, a backend for the management of all CVs sent, an adjustable PIN protection, expiration date, availability view, integrated hourly rates & references and much more. Continue reading …

Of course! GravityCV is available to anyone looking for a fast and easy CV with many features!

Since we work as a team ourselves, we know how practical it would be to be able to centrally access multiple CVs while allowing everyone to maintain their own profile. We are currently working on the realization. Here you can find more information about GravityCV 4Teams. We are looking forward to impulses and feedback from practice! Send us an email to:

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