Create and manage your CV easily online.

With GravityCV you move your entire CV management to one place.

Send individualized CVs to suit each job.

  • Link Shipping
  • Master CV
  • Filters and keywords
  • Rate Cards

Show your current availability directly in the CV.

  • Availability
  • Locations
  • Direct contact option

You decide who sees which information.

  • Show or hide specific areas
  • Individual link durability
  • PIN Protection
  • GDPR compliant

Your CV is now online.

Always available when you want it.

A CV is automatically generated based on your information —
no more version chaos and formatting combat.
Here’s how others can see your CV (example of an online CV):
Your CV in a clear and professional layout

Simply enter your data in the fields provided. Your CV will then be generated automatically.

PDF- and Word-Download

Provide your CV to your customers and clients optionally also as PDF and Word document.

Create CV variants at the touch of a button

Just click together your CV. Just the way you need it right now. Simply create a Master CV, which you can customize with keywords and filters.

Simply send a link to your CV

Send your CV faster and GDPR compliant as a CV-Link with expiry date! You decide who can see what.

Availability and locations directly in the CV

Save yourself annoying questions about your availability, your daily rate or possible locations. Show it directly in your CV so that your agents and customers know.

Create, send and manage all your CVs

simply in one place.

Complete and update your projects, skills and qualifications

Quick and easy recording of projects and skills. You hold everything, we do the rest.

Send your CV faster and GDPR compliant as a CV-Link

Just assign an individual durability and a PIN for your link. So you always know who can see what.

Store contacts and contact groups

This makes it easier to keep track of your mailings and you can see at a glance who has received what from you.

Change the theme color and add a logo

You have a corporate identity and want to show it? Then change the color of your WebCV and add your logo. Both will be used later in the PDF and Word download.

Easy import of your CV from

other formats.

Your CV is still in PDF or Word format? With GravityCV you can easily import your CV. Our interface recognizes your data with artificial intelligence and feeds it in for you. This saves you the first typing and entering of your data and you can start immediately.



Your data stays with you.

Public or anonymous CV
Decide for yourself whether your CV is visible via a public link (e.g. in your email signature) or only for certain people.
Fade in and out certain areas of the CV
Configure whether all data should be visible or if you prefer to hide parts of your CV. (e.g. hourly rates or private contact details)
Assign a PIN if you want your CV to be seen only by certain people.
Your data belongs to you. We will never pass them on to third parties, unless you send your CV yourself. Only you decide who can see what. We host the data in German data centers and encrypt the data.
Individual link durability
Your CV is only visible as long as you want it to be. Determine yourself who, what, how long can see.

Create your free CV now.

Be up-to-date for your next request

Big team?

No problem.

Manage your team easier than ever.
Set up teams for special requests

Adjust the CVs of your employees quickly and easily

Present individual employees or entire teams

Check the availability of your team quickly and easily

Use an own domain for your employee CVs

Still any questions?

What’s a CV?
The point of using dummy text for A CV, correctly Curriculum Vitae, is another term for a resume. The term CV has established itself especially with freelancers, freelancers and self-employed persons for their own project history. Potential clients and agents request a CV from a freelancer and expect a clear listing of contact details, skills, projects and references. But also permanent employees maintain such a project history, depending on the industry.
Will you pass on my data?
A resounding no! We’re not an intermediary portal. We work from the GravityCV user’s point of view. We give you tools to manage, send and market your CV. You send your CV to others yourself. You have a lot of possibilities to individualize the sending, to make it anonymous, to withdraw it, to protect it with a pin code or to make it public, e.g. for an e-mail signature. So we do NOT give your data to third parties. Please also see our data protection declarations.
How do you finance yourself?
We have financed GravityCV from our own resources. So we have no pressure from investors to force the return of investment. It came out of our own “pain”, because we were tired of the eternal struggle with Word CVs and outdated profiles. We also find that this area urgently needed digitalization. There are tools for large placement agencies, but no tool that maps the entire lifecycle of a CV and also remains affordable for individuals and teams. Nevertheless, we are also an economically acting company and of course we want to/must earn money. Therefore GravityCV is available in three versions, Free (with some limited features), Pro and Teams, which then cost a monthly fee. We hope that this model is well received. Because free tools, or tools at other portals are always connected with a “mediation”, which also requires the passing on of profiles or search in profiles. Our approach is : Build a Gold Standard of your CV and only distribute links to the other portals, instead of distributing your data everywhere and not knowing who has it and who gets it.
Who are you?
skillbyte GmbH is a software/DevOps company with currently 9 employees. We work in large projects for well-known companies of the German economy. GravityCV was created out of our own need to keep our profiles up to date and to send them to customers / agents. We hope that GravityCV will work a lot for you too and with this digital product we manage to create a further mainstay.
Can I delete my account?
Yeah, right! As we attach great importance to the observance of the privacy policy, you can delete your account at any time. This will also remove the stored data from our systems.
What’s the roadmap?
We want to develop GravityCV continuously, always according to your feedback and the features you want. Currently we have just relaunched and replaced the entire technology stack. The current status we would describe as “beta”. Please check back with us if something is not working here and there. Just send us an email to and we will take care of it. Apart from that we have a lot of things planned besides stabilization. Like for example an hourly rate calculator where you can calculate, considering various scenarios, what hourly rate you need to cover all your costs. Another tool is a full featured time tracking tool etc. All this will be included in GravityCV. Users will benefit from all further additions and add-ons at the same price that is currently valid. Yes, and a lot more, but that would take up too much space here. Subscribe to the newsletter, when you register or check our Support Portal regularly for announcements.

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